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September 3, 2018

As I examined this photo, there was something that caught my eye — both literally and figuratively. If you look closely, you will see a defined yellow line beaming out of my optical point of view, the eye, the center of visualization. 


The eye is the primary organ that controls sight, one of the five senses. In fact, there are multiple functions of this part of the body. The pupil is the area of the iris. The iris controls how much light enters the eye, and behind the pupil is the lens.  This focuses light from an image onto the retina, which sends electric signals back to the optic nerve. Now, this is where the magic takes place. Data from the outer world, our perception, is collected and stored in the brain. 


This information is a result of the darkness or brightness from light source. What we ultimately “see” is a product light. For example, you will visually encounter a different experience when sitting on grass at night versus the day — seaweed green versus shamrock green. Makes sense, right?


Further, there was a distinguishing factor about the contrast of the yellow line — both an astonishing and uncanny coincidence. Neither the photographer nor I had the intention of its placement in the picture. In fact, as a whole, is one of the brightest hues on the canvas. Perhaps there is a message behind this. Maybe my eye is functioning as an area where the light from my imagination is reflecting back onto the canvas. Something within my inner soul is radiating outward. They say that the “eyes are the window to the soul,” but the supernatural world is an enigma to us.


We cannot clarify our outside world. Everything about this universe is a mystery, from the start of creation to present day life. However, there is no mystery in creativity. Everyone has it inside of them. It is a gift from God, the universe, a higher source. 


I write to encourage you to tap into your imagination and create something beautiful. 




“A single person is marvelously endowed by heaven with beauty, grace, and talent in such abundance that his every act is divine and everything he does clearly comes from God.” - Giorgio Vasari 



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